What’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner??

As promised in my post What in the Poop? here is my rant about feeding KoKo.

So last week I took KoKo to the doctor’s for her 12 month check-up and the doctor was no help. As a side note I need to find me another pediatrician. Mine sucks. Moving on, I asked the doctor what I should be feeding KoKo or could she give me some suggestions. All she said is feed her whatever you eat just make sure it’s mashed up and that the meat is soft or in crumbles.

Maybe it’s just me being a new mom and all but I wanted her to sit down with me and give me specifics. Was I expecting too much?

I think my biggest challenge with feeding KoKo is being afraid that she will choke. I am not quite sure how big the pieces of food I give her should be. And when I try to let her feed herself most of it ends up on the floor. She hasn’t mastered the spoon or fork and she loves to play with her food. Is this all normal? I wanted the pediatrician to reassure me that I was on the right track.

Some things I am feeding KoKo now are yogurt, she really likes the Chobani fruit yogurt. She will eat a turkey sandwich with cheese. She likes homemade hamburgers. She loves pork and beans and pasta. I am having the hardest time getting her to eat her veggies although she does love cabbage and cornbread but to get her to eat her other veggies I still give her the pureed food.

I have discovered that my biggest challenge is cooking everyday. With it just being my husband and I for so long I am not use to having to cook all the time. Now that KoKo is eating solids I have to cook on a regular basis and I am finding this to be a challenge.

So to all my seasoned moms, can you give me some tips and advice on daily cooking? How to make it easier, how to prepare my daily meals, how to make a grocery list and STICK to it.

As always any advice you can give is welcomed.



What in the Poop?

Hello Everyone. As you all know by now KoKo has turned 1. What a great milestone for us. She is babbling all day long, she won’t sit still, she is in to EVERYTHING, and she is now off of formula.

I have highlighted an article that I found very helpful on baby’s poop. I’ll tell you why in a moment this article was so very beneficial to me as a first time mom and I hope it will be beneficial to you too.

I decided not to put my daugher on cow’s milk. It wasn’t for health reasons it was just a personal choice. I just don’t understand why we use animal’s milk to feed our children. Animals don’t use our milk to feed their young. So that is why I chose to start my daughter with Almond milk. I didn’t use soy because when she was about 2 months I tried to put her on soy formula and it made her constipated and irritable and she wouldn’t drink it. Funny how even at that young of age children are already developing their likes and dislikes.

Anyway so I took her off the formula steadily a month before her birthday. So I gave her 6oz of formula and 2 oz of Vanilla Almond milk and the next week 4oz of formula and 4oz of Vanilla Almond milk and so on until one day it was just 8 oz of Vanilla Almond milk. Now here is when things started to get tricky.

KoKo who normally poops 30 minutes to an hour after each meal and only poops about 3 times a day began pooping 4 – 6 times a day. It was so bad that she would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning pooping. Something she had never done up until this point. I didn’t know what to think. I asked an RN at my job about this behavior and she said that KoKo could be having an allergic reaction to the Almond milk but I was loathe to put her on cow’s milk. So I stopped giving her milk for about four days to see if that would stop what I considered to be excessive pooping. To top it all off the poop was very runny. My husband and my parents were all so very concerned.

After a few days off of the Vanilla Almond milk I tried the unsweetened Almond milk. KoKo was having none of that. I would give it to her in her sippy cup she would take one sip and throw her sippy cup across the room. Her excessive pooping had begun to slow down a bit so I introduced her to the original Almond milk and she took to that just fine. After about a week her bowels went back to 3 to 4 times a day and the mashy consistency returned. It was no longer runny and she was no longer waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning pooping.

I am still not sure what caused her bowels to run like that. I don’t know if it was the milk, coming off the formula, or the pureed food I feed her. That’s another pet peeve of mine, what am I suppose to feed a toddler with no molars? My pediatrician and dentist have been most unhelpful. But I will save that rant for another post.