Random Thoughts of the Day

Why don’t public places have baby changing tables in the men’s bathrooms? Do they assume men will never go out alone with babies or that when they do babies won’t need changing? And why doesn’t all public places have a family bathroom for this same reason.

And why do places like Carter’s and Children’s Place have such heavy doors to get into their stores? For instance KoKo and I went to a Carter’s store at an outdoor mall outlet and KoKo was in her stroller. The doors were so freaking heavy I had the hardest time keeping them open while getting KoKo in. Why can’t they have automatic doors especially when they are a store for children? They know mothers will have strollers. Geesh.

Why don’t public places and employers create rooms for nursing moms to have some privacy? Since people seem to think something so natural and wonderful is vulgar why don’t they create safe, quiet, private spaces for nursing moms? I think everyone would appreciate that, what do you think?

Why do women only get 6 weeks off for maternity leave? It takes 6 weeks for your baby to bond with you and then its off to the daycare or nanny while mommy goes back to work. It’s awful! I had the hardest time coming back to work. Even though my daughter (Thank God) can stay with her grandparents while I am at work I still would much rather be at home with her doing mommy daughter things then fooling with these idiots I work with.


Going back to work

This past weekend I went back to work for the first time after 8 weeks of blissful motherhood. KoKo wouldn’t go to sleep so my husband and her had to sleep in another room so I could get some sleep. When I left at 7 in the morning she was wide awake. I grabbed her from my husband’s arms and kissed her until I couldn’t kiss her anymore. I did not want to leave her. I am thankful that I was able to leave her with my husband and didn’t have to take her to a daycare center where the workers wouldn’t love and care for her the way I do.

Once I got to work I pulled out my phone and looked at her pictures and video that I had taken of her on my phone. I kept wondering what she was doing and thinking about what we would be doing if I was still at home. Eventually my husband texted me a play by play of what they were doing and sent me pictures which settled my heart and made my work day go by a little easier.

It was hard leaving KoKo that day and it’s going to be harder each day after. It’s times like this I wish I would win the lottery just so I could stay home with my KoKo without wondering how the bills are going to get paid.

I never realized how rewarding being a mom could be or how I would miss her when I am away from her. Going back to work is the pits.