A new chapter has begun



My little man KW has made his entrance into the world.

This journey so far has been exhausting, frustrating, exhilarating, and joyous.
I am just now getting the hang of taking care of two children at once. The first week I cried everyday. When you wake up to two screaming babies
with no one around to help you, a mental breakdown is not far behind. My little man is a month old now and my little lady is 16 months. She is taking well to her little brother. She kisses him when he cries and she is always the first one at his side when he gets fussy.

But she still needs her attention and alone time with mommy. When I am nursing him she tries to sit in my lap or chooses that exact moment to decide she wants me to read her a book. I have been able to give her more time as my little man’s schedule is taking form. But there are still those moments when I can’t decide whom to feed first. The screaming one month old or the screaming 16 month old.

I am going to bed now because little man will wake up in about an hour for his night time feeding and then he is awake until five so I am going to try to rest but I will certainly be keeping you all up to date with my new adventures.




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