Should children read this shocking picture book? | BabyCenter Blog

Not all books are appropriate for children. A new children’s picture book attempts to tackle that question on the minds of children across the nation: why do my parents open carry?

Let’s ignore for a moment its clever marketing tag “For a limited time only, White Feather Press is giving away a free copy of the fun book ‘Raising Boys Feminists Will Hate!’ by Doug Giles, with every purchase… that’s a $15.99 value!”

via Should children read this shocking picture book? | BabyCenter Blog.


One thought on “Should children read this shocking picture book? | BabyCenter Blog

  1. Children should not read this book — unless they are old enough to understand but parents should definitely read it TO their children.

    There is something really scary about people who think at any moment, even in the bookstore, they might be attacked.

    According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics; 2/3rds of all violent crime occurs in locations other than in or near the person’s home. Shouldn’t the recognition that crime does happen any place be a realistic understanding that people, especially parents, have?

    I’m not interested in open carry becoming normalized for children and “more mainstream” as the book hopes.

    44 states allow some form of Open Carry. Many do not even require a permit to Open Carry. Teaching children that normal people carrying firearms aren’t necessarily bad people is a good idea. The author may not be interested in Open Carry becoming normalized but others are.

    we are creating an undercurrent of fear where it doesn’t belong.

    Carry firearms does the opposite. It allows another response, a final option that does not exist to the unarmed. Those who push gun control often do so with a fear agenda “he might snap” or “The gun might just go off”. People have been targeted in churches, it isn’t just the preacher who would be armed. School shootings happen enough that we’ve seen that the police simply can not respond fast enough. What is wrong with the idea of trusting teachers and staff — people we trust to drive our kids, feed them, take them on field trips, give them medication, discipline them and more –to protect them?

    Bob S.

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