8 months olds and on the move

KoKo is 8 months old this month. I am just amazed at her progress. She is crawling and pulling herself up. When she doesn’t realize it she stands on her own for a few seconds before falling down. Because she crawls so much I had to keep pants on her so she won’t skin up her knees. I was putting her in the little pajama onesies with the feet enclosed but I haven’t been able to find one that is the right length for her. They are either too short or tight or too long. And when she tries to stand up she gets all tangled in the extra fabric. ┬áBut then I found these amazing leg warmers that do the trick just as well.

Baby Leg Warmers


I wish someone would have given me these as a gift at my baby shower. I mean these are the best things ever. Now my sweet baby can crawl all day and I don’t have to worry about them coming off like her socks. I try to keep socks on her feet but they always come off and her little hands are always cold. Any suggestions for keeping her socks on and her hands warm?