KoKo’s First Christmas

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am not into Christmas. Since my husband and I have been married, five years, we have only put up a Christmas tree once. We don’t really exchange presents and we are just not into all the hype surrounding the season. Before I had KoKo I told myself that I didn’t want her to celebrate Christmas because I don’t want her to believe in Santa Claus and get to thinking that I am suppose to go in debt buying her anything she wants for the holiday. In fact I hadn’t planned on doing anything for Christmas this year, that is until my parents started asking me what I’m buying KoKo for Christmas, if we are going to put up a tree, and where did I want to spend KoKo’s fist Christmas, their house or ours. My mother has even gone so far as to give me decorations to put on the outside of the house, I have NEVER decorated the outside of my house.

Now fellow parents, would I be wrong if I told my parents that my husband and I had no plans to celebrate Christmas? I don’t have a Christmas tree or any Christmas tree decorations and I hadn’t planned to put those expenses into my budget. But I can’t deny the fact that it is KoKo’s first Christmas and even though she won’t remember a thing I will and I want it to be special.

I have been trying to decide what I would like to buy her for Christmas. She is quite content with playing with hairbrushes, plastic bags, and her favorite rattle Leo the Lion but she does need a lot of new things. I have decided to buy her some much needed clothes because she is growing so fast but I have also decided to buy her some toys.

I am going to buy her some toys that will help with her learning and development. This is such a ripe age for learning that I want to make sure I cash in on that. I have the baby Baby Einstein Octoplush that my father bought for her. He had to order it online because it’s not sold in stores. She really enjoys this toy, it tells the colors in three different languages and it plays music but most importantly it is soft and she can eat it, lol.  I have the entire Baby Einstein video collection but at her current age there are only a few videos she can watch but I play the music CD for her all the time which she seems to enjoy. I also want to buy her a little walker since she is now trying to stand up on her own. If I can afford it I am also going to buy her a baby laptop because she is always banging on mine.

My husband is getting into the spirit too because he wants to buy a real Christmas tree, where can I find cheap Christmas decorations?

So after all is said and done I plan to make this Christmas very special for KoKo but as she gets older I will never let her believe that Santa Claus is real or that he buys her gifts. I work too hard for my credit to be taken by a character created by Macy’s department store to make us spend our money. I’m just saying.