Watch me roll

It has been a while since my last post and so much has happened. I try to document it all in my head but I am sure I have already forgotten precious moments. Let me give you an update on KoKo’s progress.

She is now crawling backwards, leaping forward, and rolling over so fast she goes from one side of the bed to the other in milliseconds. Nevertheless I am enjoying watching her learn how to move. But I find now that I am paranoid to leave her in her pack and play crib because I am afraid she will stand up and fall out. She will no longer sit in her swing. But she is enjoying her bouncer a lot more these days.

I have noticed that when I lay her down to go to sleep she rolls over, puts her face in the mattress and sticks her butt in the air as if to say I am not ready to go to sleep. I indulge her and let her do her acrobatics until she wears herself out. I must admit one night I was so sleepy that I fell asleep while she was still lying there tumbling. When I woke up a few hours later there she was fast asleep right next to me. I wonder how long she tumbled before she realized that mommy was asleep. I felt so bad leaving her awake while I went to sleep. I had a lot of guilt for a few days after that incident and haven’t done it since. Is that normal? Does going to sleep while she was awake make me a bad parent?

When we are home alone I find that I am trying to think of things to entertain her. I just read this great article 45 Things to Do with a 6 month old and it had some great ideas that I am going to incorporate tonight. My  favorite activity is playing in the sink. KoKo loves playing in the bathroom sink. As soon as we go into the bathroom she gets all excited and animated. She knows that I am going to put her little feet in the sink and wash her hands. I fill up a basin full of water and she just splashes water everywhere. I find it to be very entertaining. I laugh, she laughs and we have a good time.

Now that KoKo is sitting up on her own I took her to Walmart with me and she just looked around. She didn’t reach out for anything except me. She kept looking at me like wow, I am seeing you in a different light, literally. I took her by the christmas trees and took the cutest picture of her and she didn’t even try to touch the trees. It was possible the newness of the situation that kept her so docile. But I am sure the next time she won’t be.

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