My cousin and I were talking yesterday about the joys of motherhood. My cousin’s daughter is 2 weeks younger than my daughter and both of these pregnancies were unplanned. Although we are both married me of five years, my cousin of 1 year, we just hadn’t planned to be pregnant at this time. We are both only children so our parents are thrilled to finally be grandparents but motherhood is quite an adjustment. We were discussing how we can no longer just get up and go and how every outing has to be planned.

During our conversation we talked about all the things we are having to learn and things no one told us that we wish they had and we laughed about all the mistakes we are making. For instance my cousin A was telling me that she didn’t realize that she needed to separate the folds in her daughter’s neck in order to clean underneath them and she only figured it out when she noticed her daughter’s neck had a foul odor.

My cousin is exclusively breastfeeding and she was telling me that she can not wait for her daughter to go on cereal. My daughter is breastfeeding and formula feeding so I am not as pressed to put her on cereal. I told her KoKo just got her ears pierced yesterday and she said she is going to wait until her daughter gets a year old before she gets her ears pierced.

Just talking to each other made us realize how differently we are parenting our children. She is going to start her daughter off as vegetarian and me I plan to make my own baby food. But no matter how we raise our children we both realized that we are enjoying the joy of motherhood.

Even though our lives have taken a 180 and our schedules are hectic and our sleep is erratic we are both in agreement that we wouldn’t change it for the world. When I see the smile on my daughter’s face or listen to her laughter I am filled with unbridled joy and I thank God everyday for the chance to love her.


Sleepy Time

My KoKo is now three months old. I can not believe the time has gone by so fast. Because I am working two part-time jobs to make one full-time income I am missing so many of my baby’s milestones. She is talking now and blowing spit bubbles which is so exciting for me and my husband. We love when she is vocal and communicates with us. I am fortunate in that while I am at work, KoKo can stay with her grandparents or with my husband, her father.  This eases my mind tremendously and makes it better for me while I am at work and makes me worry less.

I was worried when I started back to work when she was 8 weeks that she wouldn’t sleep through the night. Up to this pont she wouldn’t sleep at night or she would wake up every two hours. But one night I put her on her bobby pillow and she slept for four hours without waking up and I couldn’t believe it. There is a back story to this bobby pillow and how it helped me to nurse KoKo after weeks of resistance on her part but I will share that story in another posts but suffice it to say I was so happy. When she slept those four hours that was the most sleep I had gotten at one time since she was born and I was so elated. But then she reverted back to waking up every two hours.

But now she is at the point that when it is time to go to sleep at night I lay her down, cut off the light and close my eyes and she will go to sleep too. She sleeps in the bed with us so I am able to monitor when she falls asleep and when she wakes. Now she sleeps 5 to 7 hours a night and most of the time she goes to sleep on her own. But I need to learn to go to bed earlier so she will go to bed earlier. The next challenge will be putting her in her own bed.